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11° Degree Wedge Coccyx Cut Out



The simple action of sitting is likely to cause neck and lower back pain to many people, due to enormous pressure placed on the spine. The Wedges are ideal for car seats because they angle the body to a comfortable, easy driving position. Placed on an office chair, they adapt the angle of the sitting position, tilting the pelvis forward; encouraging good posture.


   British Made.

Ideal for:

Coccyx injury, post back / spinal injury, scoliosis, osteoporosis, coccyx bruising, protecting the bottom of spine against pressure sores, post hip surgery, arthritis pain, travel, pain associated with pregnancy, damaged discs/facet joints in lower back.

They are covered with an attractive velour zipped cover and come complete with carrying handle.

Also included is an adjustable strap for fixing your wedge in place.

11 Degree comes complete with a Velour cover in Black, Blue, Grey or Beige.

DIMENSIONS:36CM X 36CM X 9.5CM (14" X 14" X 3¾") 

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