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Putnam Pillow


Putnams brings you the ultimate pillow to relax you into the best nights sleep you will ever have. Our contoured pillow is a one of a kind - no more sleepless nights, and stiff necks in the morning. The ergonomic shape and design of the pillow means that it will offer fantastic support to your neck and is designed to help sleeping posture. It is great for sleeping on your back or side and no other contoured foam pillow will match us for design features.

   British Made.

Comes with a jersey cover, zipped, removable, washable.

2 Year Guarantee.

The Royal is designed for people who typically sleep on one pillow and the King for those who sleep on two pillows. The Royal Extra gives the added benefit of a longer pillow area.

When choosing your pillow size it is important to maintain a straight spine, it is useful to lie on your bed and measure the distance between your neck and your bed and choose a pillow size that supports this gap. 

The royal is at a height of 5" (13 cm)

King 6" (15 cm)

Child 3 ¾" (9.5 cm)

Also available in memory foam.

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