Happy New Year!

2016 new mattress and pillow support neck


Welcome to 2016! We hope you all had an amazing 2015, here's to an even better year and an even better you!

Some sleep facts to see you into the new year:

- It is recommended that you change your mattress every 8 years due to loss of support and hygiene reasons (think back to 2008 (Beijing Olympics)).

- You spend 1/3 rd of your life in bed! Go on, treat yourself to new bedding, supportive pillows and a great mattress.

- Try not to use technology in the bedroom, it can interfere with your bodies natural sleep settings and lead to a restless night.

- Your pillow should support your body in a way that keeps your spine straight. 

- The average optimum hours of sleep is 7 hours and 45 minutes.

- The amount of sleep you get can have large affect on your health, including risk of diabetes, heart conditions and obesity.


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Have an amazing 2016!
Written by Bubbles Putnam.

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