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Foam Pads to Protect Cut Glass Sheets UK Supplier | Putnams

Foam Pads to Protect Cut Glass Sheets UK Supplier

How to stop glass sheets & windows breaking during transport.

Do you have a glass/window company and want to reduce glass breakages and wasting due to mistakes, jolts and deliveries? We have the perfect solution for you.

We supply firm reconstituted foam blocks to go between glass sheeting buffering them from damage during transit and moving. They are also reusable between jobs and lightweight.

We currently supply 165mm x 85mm x 65mm blocks and can deliver all over mainland UK. If you buy regularly from us we can offer competitive trade pricing.

Typical orders are 270 at a time however we can produce your desired quantity.

We regularly sell these to glass and windows companies to save them money, time and customer satisfaction.

Call us now for a quote 01752 345678 or email us


foam buffer glass sheeting sponge cube heavy dutychip foam blocks cut to sizefoam buffer glass sheeting sponge cube heavy duty

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