Give The Gift Of Comfort This Christmas

Give The Gift Of Comfort This Christmas


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Putnam Memory Foam Pillow
Putnam Memory Foam Pillow

The Putnam Memory Foam Pillow, there is no going back!With over 30 years of providing back care solutions Putnams brings you our Best Memory...

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Sero Pressure Cushion
Sero Pressure Cushion

Sitting in a chair has never been so comfortable thanks to the Sero Pressure Cushion from Putnams.Made from Top Grade 50 superior foam we guarantee hi...

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11 Degree Wedge with Coccyx cut Out
11 Degree Wedge with Coccyx cut Out

Take comfort wherever you goThe simple action of sitting is likely to cause neck and lower back pain to many people, due to enormous pressure placed o...

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Putnams is a family-run UK manufacturing company, which has been specialising in superior quality back support and back pain care products since the 1970's.

Putnam Health Co Ltd.
Eastern Wood Road
Langage Industrial Estate
PL7 5ET 
United Kingdom
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Tel: +44 (0) 1752 345 678
Fax: +44 (0) 1752 340 340


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