Putnam Pillow

Relax with the Putnam Pillow

Putnams brings you the ultimate pillow to relax you into the best nights sleep you will ever have. Our contoured pillow is a one of a kind - no more sleepless nights, and stiff necks in the morning. The ergonomic shape and design of the pillow means that it will offer fantastic support to your neck and is designed to help sleeping posture. It is great for sleeping on your back or side and the no other contoured foam pillow will match us for design features.


Comes complete with our cotton Jersey Cover. Other covers available, please phone or email to enquire.


2 Year Guarantee.


The Royal is designed for people who typicaly sleep on one pillow and the King for those who sleep on two pillows. The Royal Extra gives the added benefit of a longer pillow area.

Product options

Putnam Child Pillow (52cm x 31cm x 9.5cm) £53.82
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Putnam Royal Pillow (52cm x 31cm x 13cm) £51.52
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Putnam Royal Extra Pillow (60cm x 31cm x 13cm) £57.31
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Kingsize Putnam Pillow (58cm x 33.5cm x 15cm) £57.31
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What people are saying about this product

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Mrs B Ashton from Devon says: "I have just purchased my THIRD 'Putnam Pillow', the previous two being on permanent loan to visiting relatives!! We all agree that the seemingly high cost of the pillow is well worth the benefits. In my profession neck and back problems seem to be an occupational hazard - I would certainly recommend the 'Putnam Pillow' to fellow stiff neck sufferers."

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